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A number of important introductions and notes for the beginning of March 2016...

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"YOU ARE DUST AND TO DUST YOU MUST RETURN" Ash Wednesday is a day to remind ourselves of our need for hearty repentance and of the fact that we are "dust" and to dust we shall return in death. We must tell ourselves and our hearers that no matter how beautiful or ugly, how well connected or disconnected, how wealthy or poor, how happy or sad, how healthy or unhealthy, how...

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Are You a “Church Control Freak”?

Are You a “Church Control Freak”? By Dr. Chuck Lawless I don’t like writing this kind of post, but I think it’s necessary. I’ve seen too many churches with laypersons (and pastors, for that matter, though I’m focusing on laity with this post) who want to control the show. Here are some markers of those folks: 1. They’ve been at ...

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Three Ways

Three Ways to Share the Gospel This Week By Matt Smethurst January 25, 2016 “Preach the gospel at all times and, if necessary, use words.” This classic quote, misattributed to Saint Francis of Assisi, is both clever and catchy. It just isn’t biblical. Evangelism—communicating the good news of King Jesus—always requires words. Christians ar...

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Pastoral Letter from the February Standing Committee



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