EASTER MESSAGE From Bishop Felix Orji, OSB - 2017

April 14, 2017
Easter Triduum

Almighty God, you have conquered death through your dearly beloved Son Jesus Christ and have opened to us the gate of everlasting life: grant us by your grace to set our mind on things above, so that by your continual help our whole life may be transformed; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who is alive and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit in everlasting glory. Amen


Every Spring, at Easter, we join millions of Christians around the world in remembering and celebrating the death and resurrection of our beloved Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Our Lord's death and resurrection is the quintessential proof of the inestimable love of our Heavenly Father toward us.

This Easter as always we must give praise to God and rejoice in Christ's bodily resurrection because a risen Christ is a living Savior! A living Savior is an ever-present, all-powerful, life-giving, and victorious Savior and King! God raised Jesus from the dead to give us freedom, eternal life, victory, and joy in this life and the next. Although we will die physically our risen Lord will ensure that we will not experience eternal death and ultimate defeat. Instead, by his resurrection power, we can now face death, difficulties and disappointments of human existence with courage and hope knowing that our Savior and Lord reigns as the Sovereign King over all things in this life and in the life to come for our blessing. This is our destiny!

This glorious picture of the believer's destiny in Christ is so different from the grim picture of life painted by Nicholas Cage for those without Christ when he said, "We are here to pretend we love each other, but we mess them up and then die." For him everything ends in death. In a sense, Woody Allen concurs when he wrote that, "The fundamental thing behind all motivation and all activity is the constant struggle against annihilation and against death. It is absolutely stupefying in its terror, and it renders anyone's accomplishments meaningless". This is a picture of hopelessness and helplessness. What is the way out of such a nightmare of a world? What hope can we possibly give to a disillusioned and self-indulgent world fast-tracking its way to destruction?

The Easter message is the only good news that engenders real hope for a world such as that. Here again is the message of Easter: Our Lord Jesus Christ loved us so much that He died and rose again in order to reconcile us with God and save us from an eternal hell. Through His death He rescues us from a meaningless life in the present and from the eventual deprivation of personal enjoyment of all that is good in eternity. Through His resurrection we are given a living hope and the guarantee of new life filled with joy, peace, love and victory over evil forever. Jesus by His resurrection ushers those who trust in Him as Savior and Lord into a new day and a new world of light and resurrection life. Our Lord Jesus Christ is alive and he reigns as King to redeem those who call upon his name in faith. This good news is our message to the world. We must believe it ourselves and tell it to others before it is too late.

I wish you a joy-filled and deeply grateful celebration of our Lord's resurrection. Soli Deo Gloria!!!

Happy Easter!

The Rt. Rev'd Dr. Felix Orji, OSB
Bishop | Anglican Diocese of CANA West

The Rt. Rev'd Dr. Felix Orji, OSB
Bishop | Anglican Diocese of CANA West
Anglican Cathedral Church of St. Francis
470 Eagle Drive
El Paso, Texas, 79912
www.stfrancisanglicanchurch. org

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