MORE ABOUT SYNOD - July 8th, 2016


Our Diocesan Synod is coming up July 21-23 in Newark, New Jersey. Archbishop Benjamin Kwashi will be our main speaker this year. Pray for the Lord's power to be made manifest for his glory and our blessing. The focus of our Synod sessions this year is on personal and corporate godliness!

During our Synod we will conduct Diocesan business: discussion and voting on a couple of canonical changes in our Canons and Constitution and election of two people- one clergy and one lay- to the Standing Committee. If you have any nominations please forward the name and a brief biography which includes the testimony of conversion and ministry involvement of the candidate to Venerable Dr. Myles Calvin at There will be no nominations on the floor of Synod. Please be advised that unconverted and uncommitted candidates are not welcome to the Standing Committee of the Diocese.

All clergy are REQUIRED to be present and in clerical attire. Absences must be submitted to the Bishop in writing and permission granted. Clerical attire include clergy shirt with collar. There will be a service of ordination on Friday evening during the Synod at Igbo Anglican Church, Irvington, NJ. The Clergy are to use either tippet(preaching scarf) or red stole on Cassock & Surplice or Alb. Archdeacons are welcome to wear their Copes over their Albs for the service.

There will be transportation from the hotel to the church.

Every church is expected to send two lay delegates selected by the Rector or the Vestry. In addition, any person in the diocese is warmly welcome to attend the Synod, it is a holy convocation to the Lord. The more we are at these meetings the better.

There is a registration fee of $100 per person (cash or checks made out to the Diocese of CANA West) prior to your arrival to Synod. The registration fee will cover the cost of the Synod meals, materials, and events. The hotel requires us to give them an accurate number of people who will be present two weeks before the Synod. Rectors/Catechists in charge of parishes should Complete the Form and return it with the checks as soon as possible. Checks($100 for Each Person) are to be made to : Diocese of CANA West and mailed to : JoAnn Casper,

Anglican Cathedral Church of Francis,
470 Eagle Drive, El Paso, TX. 79912.